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We provide end-to-end machine built prototypes as well as rapid low to medium volume batch runs in 3-5 days standard.

Free issue


Components are checked and stored in an ESD safe lockable dry cabinet until build time. All excess components are returned with the finished goods.

Repeat batch

PCB assembly

We automate processes and dedicate machinery to your products to ensure that agreed-upon lead times are met while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Full kit


We have built a robust supply chain in our industry, which allows us to be competitive even on low-volume builds and prototypes.

Full turnkey

PCB assembly

We offer a full turnkey service, seamlessly integrating PCBA, wiring, programming, testing, packing, and direct shipment to the end customer for a complete solution.

Bare PCB


We offer free tooling and stencils with every bare PCB we supply!  Our PCB lead time is 5 days, and our pricing is super competitive.

10 SMT Assembly Machines

We run 10 Pick & Place machines that provide exceptional speed, flexibility, and plenty of capacity!

Our machines use industry-leading surface-mount technology providing optically aligned and flexible placement capabilities for all SMT component types, such as QFP, BGA, uBGA, QFN, CSP and large odd-form components in excess of 100 x 50mm.

IPC-A-610 Certified Workforce

Our technicians are not only highly skilled but also fully trained and qualified in every aspect of our business.

Through-hole Soldering

To accelerate and cost-effectively manage through-hole soldering, we employ wave and dip soldering technologies. Furthermore, we utilise 5 soldering robots to automate the manual soldering of components. This not only ensures excellent, repeatable quality but also eliminates human error, reduces assembly costs, and allows for reliable short notice production scaling.


100% Inspection

Our stringent firewall inspection procedures are applied to all assemblies, incorporating visual inspection, comparator checks, AOI, and X-ray checks to guarantee the highest quality standards.

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