Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Optimised for low-cost manufacturing.


Our smart factory is designed differently than traditional manufacturers and is geared up for high mix flexible manufacturing.


By utilising automation and highly-skilled engineers we’re able to provide rapid lead times while maintaining top quality and affordable pricing.

Volume Production

Volume Production

Go to market with confidence - the data from prototyping is used to ensure production goes exactly as planned.


Schedule multiple delivery dates for the same board in order to take advantage of bulk pricing.


Set a shipment schedule ahead of time or place a call-off order with adjustable shipments to fit your needs as they evolve.

Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Capabilities

SMT and through-hole assembly

BGA and Micro-BGA placement

0.3mm fine pitch IC's

01005 placement


Double-sided assembly

Conformal coating applications  

Firmware programming

Functional testing

RoHS compliant process

IPC certified

Workmanship guarantee

Add-on Assembly Services



Chip programming services available on and off board. 


Custom assembly

We are experienced in handling a wide range of advanced assembly requirements.


Conformal coating

Protect your boards from extreme environments, electrical leakage, and exposure to the elements.


Functional testing

Simulate the actual environment your boards will be used in for early debugging.

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